Porting to OS/2

From: Tel Janin Aellinsar (icarus@loomis.berkshire.net)
Date: 12/09/95

Anybody who doesn't have OS/2 can probably ignore this message.

I managed to (successfully) port CircleMUD 3.0 to OS/2.  It took very 
little work;  some #if !defined(OS2)'s and the occasional revamping so I 
don't get warnings about implicit declarations, but all the necessary 
functions are there (once I downloaded arpa/telnet.h from a UNIX machine).

So, after taking years and years to find, compile, and library-ize 
ufc-crypt, I finally was able to compile to an ultimate file.  I ran it 
and surprise!  it worked!

I took a trip to my own computer and it seemed to work OK.  A little 
slower, but since the modem information has to go from my computer to my 
shell account then back to my computer again, that's OK.  It's not as if 
CircleMUD is particularly modem-intensive anyway.

Only one problem.  I tried to have two people online simultaneously and 
it didn't work.  It died immediately after it asked for a name.  Also, in 
order to quit, you have to close the telnet connection, selecting it from 
the sort-of menu doesn't work.

On a side, but possibly related, note, all my user files got trashed when 
I moved Circle to my computer.

Any ideas?  I've made no modifications to those parts of the code, 
certainly, and the modifications I've made elsewhere work just fine, as 
far as I can tell.  I'm assuming there's some kind of error or 
something?  Maybe?

And, while we're at it, is there a legitimate reason why Circle doesn't 
use forking, but relies on polling instead?  By forking, I don't mean 
as-needed type (that would be VERY slow for login & logout).  I mean the 
sort of pre-forking, where a big system forks a certain number of times 
beforehand and when it reaches a set limit of connections it starts 
adding whenever there's some idle time.  Essentially, what the newer NCSA 
httpd's do, and I think the Netscape httpd.


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