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From: Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) (
Date: 12/15/95

> From: "Hades" <>
> What the heck? My mud keeps crashing perodically... gdb says in end ()
> Backtrace says it's crashing at one particualr mob special... but the REASON
> it's crashing is this:
> I'm getting cmd = <some outrageously high number>
> Anyone have this problem or have any possible solutions?

Ok, a few days back, I edited the redit.c to do some new things, then, it
started causing crashes... gdb was no help, because it would crash between
a step like: realcounter = real_world[counter]   (which returned the right
number) and  *room = world[realcounter]   (at which point, realcounter was
suddenly something huge like 204234 instead of 12, which it was before i
hit 's'... luckily, it crashed in w4cp, and a little searching revealed
that it was having problem copying *room = world[realcounter]... a quick
change to room = &world[realcounter] did the trick and forstalled further
Point is, you might have made a similar pointer-related problem a few steps
before, which is causing a number to be written to in the wrong place,
which would cause the cmd value to change.  Lucky for me, the crash happened
near the problem.
Good luck, hope that little anecdote helps somehow.
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