On second thought (Re: isname() function)

From: d. hall (dhall@sunspot.tiac.net)
Date: 12/15/95

i think i might want to make this into a isnamelist() function.  after
tracing variables through some nightmarish abstraction *grin* i found some
interesting quirks.  i'm trying to get consistant behaviour with isname,
but unfortunately not all commands use this uniformily.

do_examine and do_look upon items will call isname in the fashion i had
divised, but do_look upon players or mobiles won't.

do_look upon board messages require that i call it with a "N.message" arg.
so until i can unravel some of the abstraction behind generic_find to get
consistant behaviour with isname, i'll just have selected functions call
isnamelist() and then slowly work out where isname is called... =)

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