Re: Is there a getch()?

From: Daniel C. Cotey (
Date: 02/08/96

On Thu, 8 Feb 1996, Edward Becker wrote:

> I think everyone is missing something.
> There shouldn't be a need for a new editor in circle,  if everyone is using their OS correctly.  I'm using OS/2, and whenever I have something I want post such as a board message or a new room description, I simply fire up my favorite editor, write it, Stick it in my clipboard then post it to my telnet process.  Works great, especially with room descriptions, as I even have a backup in case something goes wrong. Plus, it's lag friendly. ;-)
> I don't know much about unix, but surely it is cut/paste friendly even  in text mode, am I wrong?

	Some of my muds best creators come in through public access terminals
(vt220) and have nothing but the mud to edit text with.  Even if they have
good access machines most of the creative artist types I've met don't like
to mess with technical details.  A pico-like editor would make life much 
easier for everyone, even those with the technical skill to use cut/paste.

	btw I would like to get in touch with who ever was trying to use 
pico/vi for a mud editor, I have been considering such a transplant, and 
would like any pointers or hints I can get


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