Re: Another Question about start rooms.

From: Brian Roach (
Date: 02/16/96

At 03:10 AM 2/16/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Last night I asked how I could set up various start rooms for my 
>different classes.  Well, I spent about four hours today on working
>on implementing it based on many of your suggestions, however a few
>problems have come up for me.
>I tried using switch statements for my various classes, and everything
>compiled perfectly, but then when I tried to log into the game, I received
>the following error:
>	SYSERR: Illegal value(s) passed to char_to_room
>	SYSERR: no valid target to act()!

I'm assuming you are using bpl9. There's a problem with using the switch
statements, unless you change how it assigns load_room. Where it assigns
load_room in interpreter.c, you'll see this:
if ((load_room = GET_LOADROOM(d->character)) != NOWHERE)
	load_room = real_room(load_room);

That's because save_char now saves the virtual number to the playerfile if a
room is passed to it, so here load_room changes the virtual number to a
regular room number. If you're going to use the switch statement method, you
need to change this - you do not want it to find the real_room - you're
already giving it that.


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