CircleMUD WWW MUD Listing

From: Chris A. Epler (cepler@ucsee.EECS.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 03/07/96

Well, it's time to clean up the CircleMUD WWW MUD Listing.

I've gone thru the entire list and tested all the links including
the web pages.  The following systems have problems, please let me
know what the current site is or these entries will be removed soon.

ALSO, if you have a MUD listed, PLEASE check your description.  I
want to reduce the length of the descriptions to no more than 8 lines
of 80 characters each.  Check your entry and get back to me with an
updated one.

Diamond MUD (Home page listed is not working)
DragonMUD (No connection)
GreenMUD (No connection)
GreenHell (No connection)
HexOnyx (Site changed, updated to:
JeenusTooMUD (No connection)
NoMUD (No connection)
Original MUD (No connection)
PhoenixMUD (No connection)
Realms of Aurealis (No connection)
SaturnMUD (No connection)
StrangeMUD (Home page listed is not working)
Wizard's Nook (No connection)

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