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From: Romulus.. Imp of Phoenix Mud (
Date: 03/07/96

On Thu, 7 Mar 1996, ShadowLord wrote:

> IMHO, I believe both you and Brian are wrong.  It's VERY basic CircleMUD 
> code (no, I'm not an idiot, I know fully well that CircleMUD is written 
> in C).
> Look at it this way, CircleMUD has a particular way of doing things, for 
> instance, the ACMD macro and the one_argument parser.  While someone 
> should be able to look at other files and figure it out, niether are 
> "standard" C (I use the term "standard" very loosely).
> So, not to sound like a knit-picking jackass (hm, actually, that's pretty 
> much what I am anyway), but it's NOT "BASIC" C.

If you don't think being able to call a function from within another
function isn't basic C, which is a functional language, then I suggest you
reevaluate your knowledge of C oh knit-picking jackass. I was not 
talking about a macro or anything else. Calling a function is something you
learn in the first 2 weeks in any C class or the first 2 chapters of any 
C book.  I am tired of seeing people ask VERY dumb questions that could 
be easily answered by reading even ONE simple function in circle mud or 
10 pages in a "C for Dummies" book. The documentation/knowledge is out 
there to read... Read Before posting stupid questions to the list is my 
point. I am sure I am not the only one who gets tired of these dumb
questions from people who obviously couldn't take a few moments of 
their time to work on the problem themselves before posting to the list.
Any compentent coder in my opinion should read all of the muds
source before even attempting to code anything. His question could have 
easily answered by taking the time out to read the source code.


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