Room Bits

From: Brian Christopher Guilbault (
Date: 03/08/96

Hello All-

I am curious as to whether or not there is a way (and I'm sure there is) 
to temporarily set a bit on a room if something else is true. For 
example: I want to make a NOMAGIC flag for objects. I want any room that 
the nomagic object is in to be flagged NOMAGIC as long as the object is 
in that rom, and then remove the bit when the object is removed.

Is there some way to do something perhaps like this:

  (/* the object is in the room */))

     code here to turn on the NOMAGIC bit

I am not a C newbie but I am not the expert that many of you seem to be. 
Any help would be appreciated as I can't find anywhere in the code where 
a room bit is set temporarily.


  -Dante of QuarantineMUD 

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