Re: Corpse Looting
Date: 03/09/96

On Sat, 9 Mar 1996, Hades wrote:

> Easy enough... to the memory struct of an obj make a boolean var like this:
> bool  is_npc_corpse;
> then in make_corpse if the corpse is fromn an NPC set that boolean variable
> to 1, otherwise leave it 0. You can now distinguish.

You'll also want the player to be able to get their own corpse so you should 
store their idnum.  Also, instead of a boolean you could just use an 
ITEM_xxxx bitvector (like ITEM_ANTI_CLERIC).

How I did it was store a list of idnums that could get the corpse and put 
in the entire group they were in so any of the group members could grab 
it save anyone that directly conspired to kill the person :)  Then I 
just decided to remove the code because I figured by preventing anyone 
from touching their corpse I might as well have just completely removed 
corpses for PCs and just gave them back their equipment, plus, when 
someone stole from you and then you went and killed them to get it back 
you couldn't get your own stuff out and players who decided to do 
difficult corpse retrievals for fee couldn't get the corpse, either.  It 
was, IMHO, more of a bother than anything :)

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