Lots of Affects

From: Brian Christopher Guilbault (guil9964@nova.gmi.edu)
Date: 03/13/96

I know we have had this discussion before, so maybe someone could mail me 
privately, but I just added our 27th PRF_x bit, and need to know how to 
make it work. If someone could just tell me where to find the archive, as 
the latest I can seem to get ahold of is march 30, 1995. I have all of 
the code in place for the affection, but when you type the command to 
enable it, we seg fault since the base code can't handle 27 bits.

Please don't bother flaming me for this, as I will just delete it 
without even bothering to read :-)  I'm not a newbie coder, but I'm not 
on the same level that some of you guys are, so if you could just point 
me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

Thanks in Advance,

  -Brian Guilbault

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