Re: bitfield advantages

From: Ben Greear (
Date: 03/13/96

I'm thinking that you cannot use the operator | on two different types, ie
a long and a bitfield you defined, even if the bitfield has the exact number of
bits that a long does.  You can overload this in c++, but I don't think that
is what you were talking of...

As a cure, i'm writing a bitfield class, overloading every operator I can
think of :)

This will of course be a bit less efficient than just using int's and regular
bit operators, but i'm hoping the ease and error checking will pay off....

If anyone can think of a novel idea they would like in a bitfield, well I would
probably like it too, so let me know, i'll add it :)

When its done, i'll post it if anyone is interested.....

Ben Greear

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