Re: ANSI color codes

From: Erik (
Date: 03/26/96

On Tue, 26 Mar 1996, Jurko Gospodnetic wrote:

> I want to add a better color system to my mud ... namely each player will be
> able to set his own colors for different types of text (status bar, title bar
> in vt100 display, object display, charactr list, attacks in fight depending
> on whether a char is in your group or not or is you yourself... etc...) so I'd
> appriciate it if someone could mail a list of ansi color codes.
> Btw, list in circle mud file screen.h is not what I need... I need the list
> of color codes and if possible a simple example of how to use them to set 
> text background and foreground color. 
> When I finish this code I'd be glad to mail it to anyone who needs it...
> Jurko (
  Download a copy of the list archives from Cambot. I believe it is the 
one that ends around 3/30/95. Message #568 contains complete 'on-the-fly'
ansi color. The code will require slight modifications to prevent 
bleedthrough, and to turn flash off, but otherwise it works very well.

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