From: Robert Clark (
Date: 03/26/96

Hmmm..I just committed suicide about 5 hours ago. (Don't ask me why, I was
bored and
a little ticked off when perl5 wouldn't compile so I could test out the
Mudlib and my imp wouldn't even consider switching to mudos) In anycase, my
is still there and it looks like the mud crashed. Has anyone had any
experience with
the game crashing when an imm suicides or tries? (seems poetic)

Btw, it's not like a dislike circle, it's just that I'm having a hell of a time
dealing with multiple coders and only my imp has access via telnet to the
Anyone have any suggestions concerning revision control? Any methods they could 
impart as to how multiple versions and codes should be handled the easiest?

Bob, the Lazy Coder and Revisionist.
(Not history, tacos!)

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