Re: Suicide

From: Robert Clark (
Date: 03/27/96

>> Hmmm..I just committed suicide about 5 hours ago. (Don't ask me why, I was
>> bored and
>> a little ticked off when perl5 wouldn't compile so I could test out the
>> Nightmare mudlib
---->>>>>>and my imp wouldn't even consider switching to mudos)<<<<<----- 
>> In anycase, my  character
>> is still there and it looks like the mud crashed. Has anyone had any
>> experience with
>> the game crashing when an imm suicides or tries? (seems poetic)
>     Um, Circle isn't an LP, and it has a completely different code base
>than the Nightmare mudlib does... which leads me to ask why you thought we
>might be able to help you?  You don't need to answer as it'll just waste
>bandwidth, just do this.  Go look at to find
>people that can help you in this area.

;) This isn't a flame, just a correction. Observe the underlined statement.
Now put things in perspective. Now read on from the underlined statement.
Now incase your still a little confused (I do tend to pack alot into small
paragraphs.) Assume: a) I'm the Arch Coder for a Circle mud. b) I was
moving the mud to MudOS with the Nightmare lib but I had problems and my Imp
disagreed in any case. c) I appeared to experience a crash on my Circle mud
the same time I IMPetuously committed suicide.

Bob, the (still) Lazy Circle Mud Coder.

PS: Oh, anyone who hasn't checked out the new Nightmare IV package should.
It's rather
    neat. Never ignore the competition. Even if you occasionally get the
urge to join
    them. ;) I do think LPC is an excellent system for developing muds,
probably the
    most logical system. The only problem I have with Nightmare IV is they
are getting
    TOO damn cutting edge. Maybe JE should consider moving Circle to
    It would probably be easier than rewriting the code for c++.

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