Re: Suicide

From: Robert Clark (
Date: 03/27/96

At 12:01 AM 3/27/96 -0500, you wrote:

>Grab 2 files.
>Compile, read the documentation for CVS, cruze the web for the CVS webpage,
>the CVS docs, and take a asprin.

Thanks....I know about rcs. *grabs another handful of hair and tries for
that refreshing
                             Telly look..Maybe Player's Club can use me...*
I'll go check out the CVS (Control Venomous Snakes?) page...Actually, the
problem is probably going to come down to a people problem...In other words,
can I 
kick my self hard enough to program is such a manner that I can benefit from
rcs and cvs.

Appreciate the info though,

Bob, the Lazy Coder and Omega Hacker.

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