Hacking the System Part 2

From: Christopher M. Lee (chrisl@earthlink.net)
Date: 04/01/96

I think I might of found something.  Looks like he has a duplicate of him
self on right now.  I was snooping him and he relogged in.  This created a
bug of some sort.  He went to rent and had to rent twice.  I have a feeling
he is getting twice or if he can some how manage 3 times the exp if he has
the "shadow" players of himself logged in.   He may be able to get more than
2 in at once.  Thus the fast advance.  Has anyone seen this.  This may be a
major bug!!!

Let me know.  I am going to ban him after I find out what he is doing, but
not before because I want to track him down and find the bug.


Christopher M. Lee

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