Re: Hacking the system

From: Hades (
Date: 04/01/96

> Hello all.
> I am realitivly new post a few times, have a small mud running 2.2 while I
> figure the coding and make a 3.0 one.  I have a question.  I have a guy who
> logged in for the first time on Friday, and as of today he is level 19.  I
> check the syslog and he is leveling every half an hour or so.  Some times as
> much as 2 time every couple of minutes.  He is the highest character on the
> mud so I am sure he is not getting help from a higher level guy to advance
> him quickly.  One thing I did notice is that he kills his connection alot
> and opens a new session and overrides the other.. the syslog line looks like
> this:

Dunno if it can effect exp, but 2.2 has that nasty coin bug if yer running
right outta the box. junk 10000000 coins and you'll get that many.

You'll want to fix that, but I dunno of any bugs that let a player fly
througyh the levels.

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