Re: Hacking the system

From: Christopher M. Lee (
Date: 04/03/96

At 07:55 PM 4/1/96 EST, you wrote:
>> I talked to him but he says he just knows circle really well and knows what
>> to kill and where to advance quickly.  I think he is hacking my system some
>> how but can not figure it out.  Take a look at this:
>> syslog.6:Fri Mar 29 20:00:30 :: Azalin un-renting and entering game.
>> syslog.6:Fri Mar 29 20:31:10 :: Azalin has re-logged in ... disconnecting
>> old socket.
>> syslog.6:Fri Mar 29 20:41:00 :: Azalin advanced to level 7
>> syslog.6:Fri Mar 29 20:41:00 :: Azalin advanced to level 8
>> syslog.6:Fri Mar 29 22:02:00 :: Azalin has re-logged in ... disconnecting
>> old socket.
>> Notice how he advance 2 times in the same second...  Something is going on.
>> Please let me in on this.  By the way this is the 2.2 code right "out of the
>> box".  
>Advancing twice in the same second is not unusual - it just means that
>he got enough exp from a single kill to advance him from level 6 straight
>to level 8.  If you get that much exp at once, Circle logs each level
>separately.  Create a test character at level one, group with him, and
>kill a very high-level mob... your test char will probably go from level
>1 to 4, and you'll see the same message in your logs.
>There definitely *are* crazy people out there who do nothing but mud all
>day and know the stock CircleMUD areas so well that they can easily level
>to immortality within 36 hours.  So his explanation is not unreasonable.
>2.20 does have one notable bug that lets you cheat, namely that you can
>make infinite money by junking coins if you don't have coins.  That was
>fixed ages ago in 3.0 (and the FAQ has a fix for people running 2.20).
>> Also I snooped him for a while and found nothing unusaul besides the
>> re-logging in.  
>With 2.20 I think there are some bugs that let you duplicate equipment
>under certain circumstances if you log in over yourself, so snoop him next
>time he does it and see if he has more eq than when he started.

Yes, I can see what your saying but I did notice that he was logging in
multiple times on top of the same username.  My thinking was that he may
have found a way to have multiple session in the system of the same player.
When I snooped him, he was playing like normal but when he rented he had to
rent twice.  This is why I came to this conclusion.  Let me know what you think.


Christopher M. Lee

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