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From: ShadowLord (
Date: 04/05/96

On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, Christopher M. Lee wrote:

> Here is a quick one.  Can you set a players exp.  I know you can level him
> but is there a way to give him/her 10exp for a good deed, or good roll
> playing or solving a quest, you get the idea.  I want to offer rewards of
> exp for some of the above and also maybe some other stuff.  Let me know.

I think there is a 'set <player> exp' command, but in any case, it'd be
easier just to write a small command to do it.  Like:

  struct char_data *vict;
  char arg [MAX_INPUT_LENGTH};
  char arg2[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH];
  char buf[MAX_STRING_LENGTH];

  two_arguments(argument, arg, arg2);

  if (!*arg || !*arg2 || !(vict = get_char_vis(ch, arg))) {
    send_to_char("Reward who how much exp?\r\n", ch);

  if (atoi(arg2) < 1) {
    send_to_char("You can only reward positive exp.\r\n", ch);

  /* I forget the paramters of gain_exp_regardless since I don't have it
   * in my MUD, so replace the following line with the right thing :) */
  gain_exp_regardless(vict, atoi(arg2));

  sprintf(buf, "%s has rewarded %s %d exp.", GET_NAME(ch), GET_NAME(vict),

  /* I forget the parameters of mudlog, as well, since mine is different
   * from the one in stock... */
  mudlog(buf, LVL_GRGOD, /*whatever else goes here*/);

That code isn't just drop-in, you'll need to make changes as noted.  I
realize that the casting of 'buf' (and probably 'arg') is not neccessary,
but I tend to do it anyway.

Daniel Koepke, coder of The Dragon's Keep 4000, current in ALPHA

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