AAIGH! Explain...

From: Hades (tourach@cyber1.servtech.com)
Date: 04/10/96

My mud now keeps crashing, no doubt to the new code I;ve imped, but gdb says
it is crashing here in handler.c:

void obj_to_char(struct obj_data *object, struct char_data *ch)
  if (object && ch) {
    object->next_content = ch->carrying;  <- HERE! HOW?
    ch->carrying = object;
    object->carried_by = ch;

How can it crash at that line? The if statement right before it checks to
see if object & ch != NULL. How can that crash it? Might I have some
funky-ass memory leak?

Anyone got ANY ideas?

(And no, it doesn't crash every time boj_to_char is called, just once every
few hours or so.)

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