Re: Just wondering, anyone as insane as Hades?

From: Hades (
Date: 04/10/96

> Thats cool!
> But what did it do to the CPU load? (During zone reboot and such)
> Changing from array and binary searches to linked list and linear should
> result in a quite a jump. (But hey, it does sound cool ;-) )
> You didn't think about using a tree or something to store it?
> I'll give it a try when I return from vacation. As I have already spent
> hours fixing general treehandling routines I can use that, and... and... ;-)

Well why would it have to search the files lineraly? To find the target
room? Already though of that. When the world boots up it creates
world_index[]. All world index is is a structure array (kinda like how the
world used to be set up) and when you give it a vnum like so:
world_index[1031].room that is a pointer to room vnum 1031, so there is no
searching on zone resets, which is even FASTER than real_room because even
real_room had to hit a for loop to do a binary search, whereas world_index
just throws me a pointer without any searching.

Gotta jet, cya all lateron.

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