From: Brian Christopher Guilbault (
Date: 04/10/96

Well all, I have a simple problem which I thought had a simple solution. 
Does ANYONE know how to make characters save where they quit in patch 
level 8? It seems that everyone knows how to do it for 9 or 10, but I 
can't get it to work for 8.

I have tried several things, now most of my save_char(ch, NOWHERE) have 
been replaced with save_char(real_room(d->character(save_room))) or 
something similar (no code in front of me) and things are screwy. Some 
players start in the void, some start in weird places that seem 
unrelated. Sometimes players start whre they quit. It's unpredictable.

If anyone here has done this as of patch level 8, I am begging :-) This 
has caused me tons of grief as apparently, LOADROOMs were not 100% 
working before level 9.

Begging for help :-)


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