Re: Stumped

From: Galron (
Date: 04/10/96

>Well all, I have a simple problem which I thought had a simple 
>solution. Does ANYONE know how to make characters save where they 
>quit in patch level 8? It seems that everyone knows how to do it for 
>9 or 10, but I can't get it to work for 8.
>I have tried several things, now most of my save_char(ch, NOWHERE) 
>have been replaced with save_char(real_room(d->character(save_room))) 
>or something similar (no code in front of me) and things are screwy. 
>Some players start in the void, some start in weird places that seem 
>unrelated. Sometimes players start whre they quit. It's 
>If anyone here has done this as of patch level 8, I am begging :-) 
>This has caused me tons of grief as apparently, LOADROOMs were not 
>100% working before level 9.

Actually, I'm running bpl10 and don't have that code. Please 
post/mail it. Thanks...

Chris Sosbe


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1. Select the right key.
2. Put it in the piano and open it.
  (not essential if you can't play)
3. Once the piano is fully open, put 
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4. Move your fingers about, making 
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