This is an odd one...

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 04/13/96

I ran into a very odd crash bug that I've been trying to solve for two
days now to no avail.  It occurs when someone uses my "ccreate" command,
but that's not when it crashes.  It makes the clan correctly, creates the
token object, saves the token object correctly, and even writes the clan
out correctly.  BUT!!!, now here's the weird thing.  No matter what, the
next command typed by the person who created the clan (assuming it's a
valid command), doesn't matter what command, the MUD crashes.  It gets
into command_interpreter (interpreter.c), down to the line where it checks
if no_specials is set or if it's a special (using the "special" function),
and then if it's not it runs the command [line 657 on my MUD].  I just
cannot figure it out :)

Daniel Koepke
The Keep: 4000 (development)

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