Re: This is an odd one...

From: Hades (
Date: 04/14/96

> I ran into a very odd crash bug that I've been trying to solve for two
> days now to no avail.  It occurs when someone uses my "ccreate" command,
> but that's not when it crashes.  It makes the clan correctly, creates the
> token object, saves the token object correctly, and even writes the clan
> out correctly.  BUT!!!, now here's the weird thing.  No matter what, the
> next command typed by the person who created the clan (assuming it's a
> valid command), doesn't matter what command, the MUD crashes.  It gets
> into command_interpreter (interpreter.c), down to the line where it checks
> if no_specials is set or if it's a special (using the "special" function),
> and then if it's not it runs the command [line 657 on my MUD].  I just
> cannot figure it out :)

Ok, you made the item, is it updating the obj_index? It's looking to see if
that obj has a special in obj_index[obj_rnum].func and if there is no index
entry for it, .func will cause it to die.

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