Re: A Few Questions..

From: Alex van Koppen (
Date: 04/14/96

Hi !

> >Be warned though, this will destroy your playerfile.
> Depends on what system you have. Longs and ints under my version of slackware linux
> are both 4 byte values.

Be advised though that GCC has some trouble with structures (which could 
be the cause of this...)

I found that GCC (v2.7.0) aligns all data to the longest lower size, eg:

     long a
     long b
     int  c
     long d
     byte e
     int  f

would be compiled as:
0x00 long a
0x04 long b
0x08 int  c
0x0a int  dummy_for_c (void, no name attached, of course..)
0x0c long d
0x0e byte e
0x0f byte dummy_for_e
0x10 int  f

You can easily check this with sizeof(struct), so this might explain

See ya !

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