Re: Majordomo results

From: Wout Mertens (
Date: 04/15/96

On Fri, 12 Apr 1996, Tim Yohn wrote:

> 	Are saving throws implemented yet (as of Circle30bpl10).  I'm 
> having a hard time getting any character to have saving throw values 
> other than 0/0/0/0/0.  I've checked all the obvious places (magic.c, for 
> the actual array for the classes.).  I assumed that there would be 
> somthing in class.c to set the saving throws upon creation but there is 
> not.  Any help or information regarding saving throws in 3.0bpl10 would 
> be greatly appriciated (It's the only thing holding back the current 
> project I'm working on)...

Well, I seem to recall saving throws being used in blind, but that could 
just be us... How about just 'grep saving *.c'?

Gekke Eekhoorn of BUG.

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