A few questions.

From: Fionn Colvin (fcolvin@metz.une.edu.au)
Date: 04/22/96

Hello all,
          I have a few questions which I hope one of you out there in 
Circle world will be able to answer for me.

(1) How does the mud tell which type of guildmaster to use when you 
assign a mob with SPECIAL(guild) in spec_assign.c? I know that in class.c 
you assign guild guards, and what type of classes they let through, but 
where do you assign what type of guildmaster the different ones are? Is 
it taken from the quild guard? If so do guildmasters have to be right 
next to the guards? How could I do the following?


In the above I want the guild guard to be in [a] and the guildmaster to 
be in [d]. How do I do it?

(2) In shop files I notice that all shopkeepers make a profit on all 
products, or at least break even as profit can never be below 1. What I 
would like to do is have a few shops in a large city which buy and sell 
goods very cheeply, and have a small shop in a small remote town which 
buys ands sells at a much higher price. The purpose being that a player 
could buy some good at the city for say 50 gold and sell it in the town 
for 100 gold, thereby making a 50 gold profit. The shopkeeper in the town 
would then sell the good for say 120 gold. How could I go about doing this?

(3) I would like to add a few skills which allow different races and 
classes to make produce if they have the right items. Eg. a human cleric 
might have a weaving skill, and if he/she has some wool and a loom he/she 
could type weave wool and if the skill check was successful he/she would 
turn the wool into material. Etc for differnt skills, materials, classes. 
Any ideas on how I could implement this?

Thanks in advance


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