Re: Skill Based System

From: Skylar (
Date: 04/24/96

On Mon, 24 Apr 1995, David Blocher wrote:

> I still have the questions about how a skill system exists:
> 1> If there are no levels, do players hits and mana increase with
> time/adventuring?  If so how?

Not on my system.  Depending on race, you get rolled somewhere between
75 and 250 or so hp's when you make you char, there is a small fluxuation
due to aging, but other than that, or magic, thats all you get.

> 2> Is there such things as practices, or are spells/skills bought then
> improved with use? 

I prefer the "improve with use" only method, though pc-to-pc teaching
is not bad either, if its not abused.

> 3> This one is vague, but does this changes what I know as a definition of a
> mob?  I.e. will a mob without spells/skills be a wimpy mob?

It all depends how ya do it.  If you use skills to simply adjust pc's
ability, for instance, a good offense skill helps them fight, then you
can stay with the old system and just fiddle mobs to be comprable by
adjusting their level and thac0.  I decided to give mobs skills and do
combat completely based on skills and stats, I like the system, but its
a little bit heavy to allocate mobs the whole range of spells and skills,
even if its only the prototypes, if you have heavilly populated mud.


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