Re: Circle11 on Win95

From: David A. Carver (
Date: 04/25/96

->To add to my last message. I dont think I gave enough detail...
->I am running the new circle 11 on a win95 machine via 10mg cable connection.
->The problem is that the players cant save their equipment. Rent is FREE
->right now but I have already heard from someone that they have tried (on
->winNT) both FREE rent and $ rent it neither of the changes let the players
->save their equipment. When they quit out, it just drops to the ground.

I had the same problem when I first ported Circle over to OS/2 using the 
EMX runtime system and GCC.  You might want to increase your FILES 
statement in your CONFIG.SYS.   I had to do something similiar because 
after 4 people logged in, the MUD used up all availabe file buffers and 
when people quit their files weren't saved.  I ended up setting a variable 
in the EMXOPT setting so that it made 150 file buffers available to the 
MUD.  I haven't had a problem since.  You might want to increase your 
FILES statment to 100 or so and see what happens.

Dave Carver
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