Re: Quick Question (fwd)

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 04/28/96

> Folks thanks for all the replies, BUT I know I have to shutdown the MUD 
> (or edit my makefile and autorun as C. Epler suggested) to recompile.  
> What I was curious about is _why_  I never had this problem when I ran 
> the mud before.  Soooooooo  I was assuming that a text file descriptor is 
> being left open for long periods of time -- which I don't like.  Either 
> that or when we upgraded our Linux the OS got smarter and refuses to 
> overwrite an active file.  I dunno, but _that's_ what I was curious 
> about.  Anyway, this wasn't meant to flame all of you, in fact some had 
> pretty neat ideas, and I do appreciate your help, but I'm not a total 
> neophyte.

No, to my knowledge, nothing you can do from within the MUD can change
whether or not you can overwrite a binary that's actively running.  Something
must have changed with your operating system (if you're running linux and
have recently upgraded your kernel, for example).  BTW, don't be fooled by
the message "text file busy": that means that the "circle" binary file
itself is busy, not a MUD text file.

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