Linux installation help!

Date: 04/29/96

I am trying to install CircleMUD 3.0 patchlevel 11 onto my newly installed
Linux system.  However, I have run into a few problems.  I can't get the
makefile in the /src directory to work.  It seems to be missing some
header files that Linux should have already installed.  Have any
of you installed Linux and then attempted to install CircleMUD?  I have
loaded in disk sets A, AP, D, and N, however, a few header files are
missing.  I have heard that disk set Q is also necessary.  Is this true?
Also, I have limited hard drive space, and I don't really have enough
room to install all of disk set Q.  Do any of you Linux/CircleMUD gurus
know which -tgz files have those header files in them?  Or if anything
else is needed to be done to install CircleMUD?

I'm at my wits end, and would appreciate any suggestions anyone could
give me to get this thing installed.

Thanks a lot,

Jeff Hanks

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