OFFICIAL FTP SITE for CircleMUD changed!

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 04/29/96

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce that CircleMUD's official FTP site from this point
forward will now be:

Similarly the WWW site for CircleMUD will be:

If I can ever contact the mailing list manager for this list, I'd like to
change the list over to be as well, unless there are
any objections.

Since I'm graduating soon, I don't know how long JHU will allow me to keep
the FTP archives here.  So, I registered, which will always
be the correct address: no matter where the FTP archives move over the next
few years, will always point to the current address.  (It
points to at the moment.)

Also, if the WWW site moves, or if decides it does not want to
support the CircleMUD mailing list any more, the aliases
and can be changed to follow the services.

Finally, I would be willing (on a *limited* basis) to consider giving out
names for MUDs under the domain (i.e. names like, or something like that).  That way,
you can always advertise the same address for your MUD even if you end up
changing sites (you just have to write me mail and let me know your MUD's
new address).

Note, only Circle-based MUDs will be given names under


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