Re: Read languages(runes) skill

From: Alex van Koppen (
Date: 04/30/96

Hi !

> 	Your players must have some kind of memory, or be really lame to
> sit there and write down things on paper to decipher a [probably]
> worthless message -- unless it says that a nuclear bomb is about to hit
> the US, they'll probably get bored with it (unless they're sooooo bored
> that it's the most interesting thing they can find).
> 	In any case, it'd be easy to decrease their skill in the language
> if they kept reading it.  Just keep a pointer to the last read object and
> a count of how many times they've read it.  If they read it 3 times in a
> row, decrease their skill in reading that language by some.  Then it'll
> become harder to read all of the message if they sit their concentrating
> on a few words in a sentence...  Heh, it's slightly unrealistic, but a
> very easy and applicable solution.

You could work around this if you always replace the same letters at the
same skill rating, this way, no matter how often they read it, they'd
always get the same message... (the selection should work like a non-
randomized random call, otherwise it would display each third letter or so)

Bye !

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