GOnna get flamed but...

From: Hades (tourach@servtech.com)
Date: 04/30/96

I'm gonna get flamed for this but my abestos shall protect me...

Does ANYONE on here know of anyone who might be willing to host a mud on
their machine? I'm running off my home pc on a 28.8k ppp link and it lags to
death. I need a real machine to run it on... and I see posts and messages
every day of people who have a new mud up, or we just moved to a new site,
or whatever, so why havent *I* found anything when I've been looking for
months? If anyone can help me I'd be much appreiciative, and you can mention
that I'm willing to donate 16mb+ of ram to the site I can run on so that
they needent worry about the memory useage of the mud.

Thanks a ton,
Hades of EbonMists - 8888
		     ebonmists.roc.servtech.com 8888

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