Re: OLC -> specprocs?

From: Harvey Gilpin (
Date: 05/01/96

Wout Mertens <> wrote:

>I was wondering if the diverse olcs had support for spec_procs yet, 
>because if they didn't I might have something nice...

>Basically, it allows you to give protos a specproc from in the 
>mob/obj/wld files.

Sounds strangely familiar, hmm, let me guess...

You have an array of spec_procs and you save the offset into that
array in the mob/obj/wld files to show which thingy has which spec.

I was going to do this with Oasis, but decided it make it too far
removed from standard Circle.  But I still intend to do it on my mud
so that builders can assign certain specs via OLC.  Fool as cuck.


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