Re: OLC -> specprocs?

From: Con (
Date: 05/01/96

On Wed, 1 May 1996, Harvey Gilpin wrote:

> You have an array of spec_procs and you save the offset into that
> array in the mob/obj/wld files to show which thingy has which spec.
> I was going to do this with Oasis, but decided it make it too far
> removed from standard Circle.  But I still intend to do it on my mud
> so that builders can assign certain specs via OLC.  Fool as cuck.

Well, how about adding 'hidden support' for it :)
Just make a DEFINE in the olc.h file that toggles it, which is OFF in the 
distribution (I know it's dirty.. but :)
Then if the stuff is set to yous you can have some hardcore stuff in the 
OLC, but just make sure you wont support it :)

Anyway, my idea would be to make up some wierd way of assignign an array 
of strings, which could somehow explain the spec_proc's actual meaning, 
thus beeign able to list ALL spec_procs and a description, making it dead 
easy to use in the OLC.. (just a pain to code.. *grin*).
It seems to me there is no easy way to do this, but to come up with some 
fancy idea how to link a char * description to every spec_proc, but some 
time before the actual compilation.

Well, don't bother doing it.. sounds impossible any way :P

Oh yeah, btw.
Do you expect to send out an update of the OLC including some of the 
fixes I posted to you, and/or what plans do you have with the olc in 
regards to the 'public' ?


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