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From: Thomas Pedersen (
Date: 05/01/96

On Wed, 1 May 1996, JRhone wrote:

Damn, hate to spam channel but, this wins the academy award for run-on
sentence(s). :P
> nod, our olc has this, though its not oasis or sam's, it's my own little 
> pet project... basically for what yer sayin, i just added a spc_ bitvector
> to npc_specials so builders can flag a mob with any number or combination
> of spec_procs...though im up to 29 so ill prolly have to add another bitv
> on that note, one of the other things ive added to our olc, which be RoAOLC
> (:P original eh?) is mobprocs _creatable_ online, not just assignable..
> for instance you can build a mobproc online and have two mobs chat with
> each other, or have a guard walk around to different posts, or basically, 
> they can do anything, the mobproc can be like max_string_length or around 
> there, it opens up a ton of possibilities, 
> and along with that i have olcable mob reactors, which allow builders to 
> assign mobs reactions to commands that players type in, be they in the 
> command list or not (just string match on command entered)
> also got a slew of other online stuff with this olc, like olcable mob 
> randoms like a babbling mob you can just make him do stuff at random
> whats really kewl is combining the mobprocs with reactors, like have a 
> player trigger the beginning of a mobproc, or end one in progress
> im gonna expand that over the summer(when finals are over and such)
> to add a whole bunch of predefined commands specifically for mobprocs
> and as long as im blabbin about our olc, ill mention ive added olhc and 
> olsc, which is online help file creation and online social creation, 
> allowing help files and socials to be created/editted online on the fly 
> and immediately available for use, saves me a *ton* of time instead of 
> having to incorporate help file and social file updates offline ( i like 
> to code, but i dont like to cut and paste helps and socials :P )
> basically RoAOLC now at version 2.0 has a tons of stuff i havent seen 
> before along with everything i have seen before, cause if i see something 
> i like about other olcs, i add it :)
> what im gettin at is perhaps trying to encapsulate all this stuff into a 
> complete olc package? then possibly making it publically available..?
> it's all menu driven of course with multiple levels of submenus making it 
> real easy to use, and even though ive bumped it to version 2.0, im 
> constantly making improvements and additions to it as well as 
> streamlining it and making it as efficient as possible...
> itd be a major project because its so completely incorporated into the 
> mud right now, mostly because i never considered making it a seperate 
> package or whatnot...
> well, get ahold of me if yer interested, but be warned, this is certainly 
> nothing that can be added easily by someone new to C and/or circle code
> maybe stop by the mud and ill throw up an ambassador account with privs and 
> let some of you gurus take a gander at it and maybe suggest improvements 
> or whatever, i wanna hear feedback from some of the other OLC creators 
> scattered around the net, so i can make RoAOLC as robust as possible...
> so, if yer involved in producing or doing major updates to an existing 
> OLC, i'd like for ya to stop our mud and take a gander at this one so i 
> can hear yer questions/comments/concerns/flames... note: i expect flames 
> anyways, on this list, it's a given :P
> Realms of Aurealis
> 4000
> and look for Vall, im usually on in the evening est
> ok enough blabbing
> l8r
> <all flames email only, save bandwidth :P>


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