Re: Installing Item and Level Limits (question)

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Date: 05/07/96

On Tue, 7 May 1996, Marcelo Valle Moreira wrote:

> Or you may even calculate de damroll using level to test something like a skill_test.
> Well, you're coders do it =o)
> and of course share it with us.
> Anyone thinks it's possible(I mean not a hell to code) a calculation of the dammage based on the level?
> Anyone can wield a sword, but it's not that simple to use it =o)

Well, an ULTRA short hack to accomplis a level based percentage of damage 
would ge to find the spot in fight.c where it takes the damdice*numdice 
of the object, and add a modificator lets say (LVL/30)*(30/LVL/2) times 
what you just had on numdice*damdice... the fast hack here did something 
ugly though... it made EVERY weapon suffer... allso those 1d3 ones.. *grin*

Well, dunno if that helps you any further, I'm in no mood for coding 
these days, so I wont code it at least *blush*

One could allso think of a SWITCH statement or IF statement so you only 
did this damage modification on:

dam = NUMBER(damdice,1)*NUMBER(numdice,1);

if((NUMBER( > GET_LEVEL(ch))
  /*modify dam stuff here.. */
  /* example : */

  dam = dam * MIN(GET_LEVEL(ch), 30)/30;

Sucks, but shows what the idea is.. :P


btw. totaly off the top of my head.. I don't guarantee it works..

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