Re: Paladins (fwd)

From: Steve Wilson (swilson@WHC.NET)
Date: 05/08/96

One will find the same sentiments echoed in all fields of interest.
Perhaps the mail-list was created for Circle-specific topics?  But, IMHO,
the only dumb question is the one not asked.  Asking, in the very least, shows
interest and willingness to learn.  People's resourcefulness, organization, and
skill levels will differ.  Bottom line, answering can't hurt.  It keeps the mail-list
active and can spark discussions on other topics.

Steve Wilson

Billy H. Chan wrote:
> <Strom finds a nice tall horse and stands on it>
> Don't want to sound high on myself or anything, but is it me or has there
> been an increase in people not knowing how to program in the first place
> asking technical questions about the programing language itself?  I find it
> strange why people can't go buy a nice book or two on how to program in C
> before doing it.  It's really easy if you read first.
> Wasn't Chris writing a FAQ on coding?  If so, read that first, I'm sure
> most of the more newbie-ish "Where do I.. what does this mean?" questions
> are answered there.... For instance, the multiple attacks code has been
> gone over at least 2x since I joined the list... if you want a lot of this
> stuff done, look in the Lostlands distribution where I've put in most of the
> multi*blah* stuff... use it like a sample code on how something might be
> done, sometimes elegantly, most of the time, not. (Yes, this is a shameless
> plug... but the code's free)
> Now, for a good book on how to program in C, the one I learned off of,
> and still use as a valuable reference:
>         2nd Ed. The C Programming Language by Kernighan and Ritchie
> Some others (who're now gone, wonder why) have suggested others... For
> instance, the Learning <blah> series by the O'Reilly people are very good.
> If you can't spend the $30 for a book, skip your next game purchase and do
> everyone a favor.
> Get these books so stupid == problems (don't mean to pick on that guy
> specifically) will stop spamming the list.  As well as those who are code
> blind... go enlighten thyself. RTFM/RTFB
> <Strom gets off the high horse>
> -- Billy  H. Chan
>    CogSci/CompSci     ResumeInside
>    ^^^-yes, real coding background... strange huh?     Yes, job hunting-^^^

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