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From: Brian Pape (
Date: 05/10/96

> That's it...we need this list moderated, as we can see
> from the recent series of posts from/regarding a certain
> When that many posts are just silly banter between

I just dropped that thread with him, he's more of an idiot than I thought
and is just trying to stir up trouble...  Having his messages delivered to
/dev/null is working great, I suggest everyone try it  :-)

> P.S. Does anyone know how objects could be made damageable? I'm
> thinking I could make them mobs and supress their combat messages, but
> I'm not too sure about that one...

I've implemented two fields, condition and maxdamage.  Maxdamage is the
condition of the unmarred object (used when any type of repair skill or
spell is used on the object), condition is the current condition of it.
Both of these values are specified in the whatever.obj file.  Generally
when an item is repaired, maxdamage is set to something like
maxdamage=(int)(0.8*maxdamage), so the item gets weaker, then condition is
set to maxdamage.

This allows for some equipment turnover.

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