Re: Alternative to banks...

From: David Wruck (
Date: 05/12/96

On Mon, 13 May 1996, Chris Dodd wrote:

> Basically, has anyone out there scrapped banks?  I did not
> like the idea of them, so was contemplating putting in a
> usury notes instead.  My idea was to have the keeper(usurer)
> sell the notes.  The note has a vnum on it, of course.  If
> you take the note to the same person, he gives you the value
> of it, but if you take it to say, another town, you get a much
> lower value.  Probably have to add more code so that the note
> gets face value at one shop, but not another.
> Anyone done something like this, and if so, how was it received
> by the players.

	We removed the banks completely, and players wishing to transport 
large amounts of money do so by purchasing gems. Gems are the "universal"
money, and allow us to have differing exchange rates buy re-valuing the 
gems at differing towns (several smaller villages do not have the ability
to exchange money for gems, so the players must carry coins with them on 
thier travels) to whatever we want the exchange rate to be.
	The players like the idea of us returning the MUD to a more 
"real" environment, no ATMs, no banks, etc. We also removed all (well 
except stuff in the god zones) referances to anything other than the 
"real" type stuff you'd expect to find in that kind of world.
	I think it makes the game more enjoyable rather than causing any 
problems. And besides, money lenders (the closest thing to a bank at the 
time) would charge you to convert money, and to hold your money (or 
valuables) would cost the player money.
	Just some thoughts of my own on the subject. 



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