Re: Alignment

From: David Wruck (
Date: 05/21/96

On Wed, 29 May 1996, Per Widerlund wrote:

> Could someone please explain the logic of the following line:
> fight.c: GET_ALIGNMENT(ch)+=(-GET_ALIGNMENT(victim) - GET_ALIGNMENT(ch)) >> 4;
> I always thought that killing an evil mob would increase your
> alignment and vice versa. I will change this in my own mud, but I'm
> still curious about the reason of the behaviour above.. Someone?

	Actually, killing should always make your alignment MORE evil
reguardless of the alignment of the creature. Other things (quests
and the like) should be alignment "fixers". 
	If you are evil, killing an evil mob/player should make you more
evil (you are killing for power). Killing a good player (same reason) should
also make the PC more evil.
	If you are GOOD and go on a killing spree of any creature that 
happens to be evil you should also loose the alignment for going on a 
killing spree.

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