Bountry Hunter Mob

From: Brian Menges (
Date: 06/07/96

	I want to set up a special procedure so that whenever a player gets
flagged (either thief or killer) a mobile called a bounty hunter will be
created and will hunt the fugitive down.  I'm not sure exactly how to go about
doing this.  I noticed there is a function in graph.c called hunt_victim() but
it doesn't seem to be used anywhere.  There is also a variable under
char_special_data for setting who is hunting the player.
	These two pieces of code seem to be a good launching point for creating
a bounty hunter special procedure.  My plan is to do the following:  Use the
variable under char_special_data to remember the player who the mob should be
hunting and then call hunt_victim() to track the player.  My question is how do
I make it so that mob will move every PULSE?  How often are the special
procedures called for a mobile?  If I just place hunt_victim(hunting) under the
special procdure for my bounty hunter mobile will this work?  Is there anything
else I am missing that I should know of?

	Thanks for you help in advance,


P.S. Thanks for all the help on getting the Multiple Start Rooms working.  Its
working fine now :)


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