Core files

From: Melen (
Date: 06/07/96

I've got a problem... My mud has been extremely modified and I seem to 
have developed a bug in the group code, specifically when the group kills 
the mob the mud crashes. Now, this would be easy to pinpoint if my mud 
wrote core files when it crashed. My question is, then... How do I get 
linux to write core files when a program seg faults?
Or some other way to trace the bug down. My version of linux has NEVER 
written core files for some reason and research it as I have, I still 
haven't found an answer. So...
1) How can I make circle output a core file (I run Linux Kernel 1.2.8 (I 
know old;))
2) What other way can I use to pinpoint the exact function or maybe even 
line of code causing the crash?


Melen port 4001

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