Re: Core files

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 06/07/96

> 1) How can I make circle output a core file (I run Linux Kernel 1.2.8 (I
> know old;))

if you have many users on your muds, upgrade to 1.2.13 at least, 1.2.8 has
some network code bugs.  As far as dumping core, it depends on what shell
you use...  for bash, 'ulimit -c unlimited' , for csh/tcsh, 'unlimit core'
or 'limit core unlimited'

> 2) What other way can I use to pinpoint the exact function or maybe even
> line of code causing the crash?

when it crashes use gdb to examine the core, or run the muds under gdb (if
you can reproduce the bug on demand)

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