From: George (
Date: 06/07/96

On Fri, 7 Jun 1996, The Prophet wrote:
> On Sat, 8 Jun 1996, Josh Brittenham wrote:
> >         Ok, now that i know that my stuff is getting out, time to start
> > flaming hehe.. just kiddin.... i just wanted to know if it would be safe to
> > install Oasis OLC over the current obuild that i'm using.  I like obuild,

If you un-install obuild first you can do it..

> > but my imms want Oasis, so i'd like to know if that possible to do without
> > really messing my stuff up.  Thanks in advance.

Considering Oasis renumbers the entire structure of mobs, objs, and rooms
after a save and obuild doesn't, limiting it to 100 rooms I think it was,
it might be fun.  They both also use different memory variables, not to
mention that they use different permission methods.  I had it for awhile
with both of them installed.  No fun at all really, but if you get them
happy together, it'll be some work.

> Why don't you look at the code and decide for yourself? I'd guess that 
> yes, one would mess up the other.. but if your willing to edit the code 
> in oasis and obuild, I'm sure you could figure out how to fit the two 
> together. I'm not talking from experience though, look in the code.

Don't want to experience it, trust me :)

As for which is better, I like the fact that with obuild you can flag
an entire range of rooms with a flag (using tintin's loop).  It's a lot
tougher to flag then with Oasis that way.  But Oasis is easier to use and
I admit the places where you loop stuff is somewhat sparse (except for
making, oh say, 50 rooms dark).  If I could get Obuild's RSET to work
with Oasis and without so many conflicts I'd do it in a heartbeat. I also
wish that Oasis used the CC system, can't wait for one of my builders to
not have ANSI color *grin*

-George of Dragon'Spire MUD @ 5k, running Oasis and bpl11

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