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Date: 06/08/96

On Sat, 8 Jun 1996, George wrote:

> On Fri, 7 Jun 1996, The Prophet wrote:
> > On Sat, 8 Jun 1996, Josh Brittenham wrote:
> > >         Ok, now that i know that my stuff is getting out, time to start
> > > flaming hehe.. just kiddin.... i just wanted to know if it would be safe to
> > > install Oasis OLC over the current obuild that i'm using.  I like obuild,
> If you un-install obuild first you can do it..
> > > but my imms want Oasis, so i'd like to know if that possible to do without
> > > really messing my stuff up.  Thanks in advance.
> Considering Oasis renumbers the entire structure of mobs, objs, and rooms
> after a save and obuild doesn't, limiting it to 100 rooms I think it was,
> it might be fun.  They both also use different memory variables, not to
> mention that they use different permission methods.  I had it for awhile
> with both of them installed.  No fun at all really, but if you get them
> happy together, it'll be some work.

What is it that wasn't working?  I think obuild defaults to a max of 500 
new rooms (and consering typical uptimes during heavy building, that's 
more than enough ;) ) and can be set higher if necessary.  The 
renumbering Oasis does shouldn't give obuild a hard time, though the way 
obuild puts new prototypes at the end of the listit might throw Oasis out 
of whack.

As for permissions, I'd imagine that when Oasis rewrites zone files you'd 
probably lose obuild permissions.  I don't know how Oasis keeps track of 
permissions but I'd imagine obuild would probably overwrite those.

Hmm the more I think about this, the uglier it sounds :)

> > Why don't you look at the code and decide for yourself? I'd guess that 
> > yes, one would mess up the other.. but if your willing to edit the code 
> > in oasis and obuild, I'm sure you could figure out how to fit the two 
> > together. I'm not talking from experience though, look in the code.
> Don't want to experience it, trust me :)
> As for which is better, I like the fact that with obuild you can flag
> an entire range of rooms with a flag (using tintin's loop).  It's a lot
> tougher to flag then with Oasis that way.  But Oasis is easier to use and
> I admit the places where you loop stuff is somewhat sparse (except for
> making, oh say, 50 rooms dark).  If I could get Obuild's RSET to work
> with Oasis and without so many conflicts I'd do it in a heartbeat. I also
> wish that Oasis used the CC system, can't wait for one of my builders to
> not have ANSI color *grin*

I think you could probably modify my rset (or any other obuild command 
you like) to work with the Oasis permission system and use it as an 
auxilliary command.  I've been thinking about adding a menu interface to 
obuild to make it easier to learn.


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