Re: race/class menu

From: Chris Dodd (
Date: 06/14/96

>Ofcourse there has to be racial restrictions.  A slow, dumb troll with
>close to no dexterity couldn't possibly swiftly kick anyone without 
>announcing the kick 10 seconds in advance, just like a puny hobbit would
>make an awfull fighter.  Get real, there has to be racial restrictions.
>Ok, let any race be whatever they want, but you have to restrict them.
>Why have races at all if you dont?
>But also a good point, I'm glad not all muds follow the same "rules".
Well... if you had skill maxes and improvement percentages based on
stats it would help.  As would having strength, dexterity, and other
stats have a base in the combat system.  Or if you wanted to be really
artificial, you could set maxes for each race.

Sure, a troll can try and be a monk, but on 'average' would be a
clumsy, albeit strong, monk.

Oops, forgot I was talkign about on a skill-based mud, too :)


Chris Dodd

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