Re: Spells..

From: Joshua Mentzer (
Date: 06/24/96

> > you type "cast 'spell'" <like word of recall, say it needs no target>.. 
> > and it goes Casting: #######, then a few seconds, then Casting: #####
> > etc etc.. like WAIT(ch, PULSE_VIOLENCE); send_to_char ("Casting", nums, 
> > ch); or something.. ? and each spell have different num of nums? i.e. 
> > num++ fer every pulse violence, each pulse violence, the nums goes down 
> > one, and once nums = 0, the spell is cast? thank ye fer any help
> Try again, that made no sense.  Especially the last part of that.  From 
> the way I'm reading it, it looks like you want to increase num and have 
> it decrease at the same time?!  WTF are you talking about?

  Well, I think I understand what he's saying, though it is a little 
messy...instead of just having it cast 'blah' <target> and it then say 
Okay, and have the wait after it's cast, have it wait before it's cast 
and for each wait 'tick' send_to_char "Casting: <spellname>" and after 
the wait state cast the spell...


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